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  • Increase team consciousness through team building after situations like a merger or acquisition.
  • In today’s world, globalization and technology have changed everything. Interrelation and interdependence with others are some of our most frequent companions. The capacity to interact with people in order to achieve results has become a fundamental skill. Nevertheless, communication is something that depends on the personality and character of each interlocutor.
  • The Equilibrium Cone is a group analysis workshop that reveals the impediments and weak points of an organisation regarding teamwork.

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High Performance Orgs.

Distributed Leadership or the creation of the right conditions for the emergence of decentralized and spontaneous self-coordination.

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High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams: Group integration and trust generation or boosting Cohesion based on a common project.

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High Performance People

Personal Effectiveness & Goal Setting. Cognition and Self development, acquired through proactivity, exploration and experiential learning.

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